Love Notes


Ombuds office is really raving about you. Think you knocked the ball out of the park!

— United Nations

Once again a big THANK YOU for your work yesterday! It really was spot on and was a highlight of the day. The retreat as a whole was a great success and your contribution was large.

— Unicef

Thank you for a great session! The group loved it and we began Wednesday with the happy birthday song while the men sang “dittum dittum!” Looking forward to more collaboration.

— Synergos

Choir Groups:

I have never felt comfortable with my voice. And yet to be able to sing… to harmonize…. to be “part of”…. It’s a gift. Thank you.

Big ups to our fearless leader, Cat, who has made this all happen, you are one kick ass choir director!

Singing in a choir has actually been a dream of mine as well — let’s keep the dream alive…!

Big thanks to Cat for wonderful leadership, creativity, taste in songs and keeping us on track.

Big kudos to Cat for her consummate conducting and yes for the choice of songs and for guiding us so well into a smashing debut! Cat, you got everyone up singing and clapping and that’s one of your great gifts.

Cat, you are a natural and I am still impressed how you got us all to finish on the same note! Congratulations to manifesting a dream for all of us.

Big, big fun – thanks so much to Cat for her perseverance, inspiration and joy through the process.

I felt an exuberance and joyful connection to the music and to you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cat. You are such a gifted musician, and you guided us so deftly thru the concert. It was such an accomplishment for me, the non-singer! Thank you all for that experience.

You were fantastic and the Dream Choir is a dream come true. Thank you so much for bringing us this wonderful gift and for your great work and enthusiasm and patience through all our jitters. It was so much fun and turned out to be so beautiful, like a million nightingales on the branches of my heart.

Junta-te a
nossa nl

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