Private Events

Get your next party or fundraiser to break into song---in three-part harmony!

Want something different for your school fundraiser? Or Grandma’s 80th birthday? Break into song! Have a Harmony Workshop at your next event, for groups of 20-250, and reap the benefits of group singing. Affordable, fun and unforgettable!

We are also available for school programs! As music funding is cut in the schools, it is more and more important that we augment schools with outreach programs like The Harmony Workshop. Suitable for grades 6 through college age.

Cat is also available to teach private voice lessons. As a lifelong performer and student of the voice and vocal technique, and in combination with her experience as a yoga instructor, Cat offers a unique perspective on singing and song styling. She helps you learn techniques to strengthen your voice, sing in tune, create a repertoire of performable songs, and just feel more comfortable finding your true voice.

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