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Bring a harmony workshop to your office, retreat, or team building day.

Our Harmony Workshop is designed to take singers and non-singers alike and get everybody to sing in three-part harmony. Why should we sing in the workplace? Singing together creates bonds unlike any other. Yes, we do sometimes meet with some skepticism when we start, but by the end of a session with Harmony & Co., the skeptics disappear. And amazing things happen.

➢ Barriers break down & relationships are forged or strengthened
➢ Tensions fade
➢ Cooperation and teamwork are fostered
➢ Morale is enhanced
➢ A sense of personal and group achievement is created
➢ Listening and communication skills are enhanced

Workshops are designed to include every member of your corporation, from interns to CEOs. Groups of 15-250. We might bring a session in during a team building day, at a corporate retreat, or maybe even start off an office party. Break the ice. Get everyone doing something at least slightly out of their comfort zone. Watch the participants go from skepticism to: “Wow, we’re good! We should put this on Youtube!” See for yourself.

A Brand new venture. Get your company to sing together. Reap the benefits of a harmony workshop on a long-term basis.! Your employees will develop a stronger “voice” at work, and develop talents they never knew they had. We meet on a specified long term basis, either weekly or bi-weekly, 10, 12 or 16 weeks, and present a small concert afterwards. The “concerts” are actually harmony workshops in themselves, as we get the audience to sing-a-long and teach them the parts as well.

Singing together has been proven scientifically to release tensions, improve morale, and even lower blood pressure! But don’t take our word for it, read about it here on our blog:

Imperfect Harmony: How Chorale Singing Changes Lives

When Choirs Sing Many Hearts Beat As One

So start a Company Choir! Your employees will thank you for it!

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